How To Hire And Build Your Marketing Team

A content marketing team is an important component of a company’s digital marketing strategy. A strong content marketing team can create compelling, engaging, and enlightening blog posts that draw customers – and their attention.  

Quality matters more than quantity, setting yourself apart from other lesser blogs. A good content marketing campaign can be anything from increasing traffic to your website, increasing conversions, or even reducing churn rates on your product or service. 

Creating a content marketing team that knows what they’re doing is very important, so the first step is to start with recruiting professionals who have some knowledge about the subject they will be working in.

Hiring the right team to manage your content marketing is one of the most important decisions you can make for your business. 

No matter how large or small an effort you are creating, the key to a successful online content marketing strategy is having a diverse and talented team of people that can generate and deliver on all your various reporting and data needs. 

The post starts by explaining the benefits of having a good content marketing team.

Why do you need a marketing team?

There are many reasons why you would need a content marketing team to help with your company, such as it may be too large for just one person to take care of the content creation and marketing needs, you want to increase your content production, you want someone else to take responsibility for certain tasks or you just want the job done well. 

These factors will decide whether or not a team is beneficial. There are many important purposes, such as increased visibility and engagement, that a content marketing team can help accomplish. 

These goals should determine the budget and the level of complexity needed for your team so you can achieve success.

A content marketing team is essential if your business is looking for higher ROI, measuring customer engagement, and fostering a personal, transparent, and engaged community. 

It creates time and cost savings by coordinating writing projects, distributing articles to relevant audiences, and generating new ideas to create fresh content. 

With a team, you will be able to share resources, develop new skills internally, and see improved writing content. 

Your business will benefit from the consistency of blog posts with respected authorities, high traffic to your website, increased search engine results, trusted relationships for better customer acquisition, and improved conversion rates. 

One of the many benefits of hiring a content marketing team is that the rate and efficiency at which content is created. 

A lot of companies want to create high-quality content quickly and it’s become increasingly difficult for them to edit and publish without help.

Setting up a marketing team

Consider creating a content marketing team to help promote, share and sell your product or service. This could be a temporary team with a set commission for a specified job, a permanent part-time team, or a high-level employee.

 If you don’t have the funds to hire staff then you can outsource to freelancers. The team should be made up of marketers, editors, designers, writers, and others. 

If you need a placeholder content writer then there are entrepreneurs with excellent writing skills who can do that job as a side-hustle or as a freelance. 

One last tip is to assign a project manager to handle content marketing automation and coordinate the work from those involved in the team. 

Business owners are often pulled in multiple directions by staff members with competing priorities. 

You’ll need to hire people who are both dedicated to the company’s mission and have the time and resources to be hands-on contributors to your content strategy.

Typical positions on the team and their role

A typical marketing team includes individuals from a variety of backgrounds, from developers to writers. The important thing isn’t what title someone has, but what they do and how it relates to the goals of the company. 

The people in this position are the ones that are in charge of all marketing-related operations, which include analyzing data about customer behavior, coordinating with designers and publishers to create content, preparing the content for publishing, managing the publication process across platforms, and adapting it to specific contexts.

 Writers produce original content for marketing purposes. They can be bloggers or journalists, but they need to be experts in their field. 

This is a position that most companies hire after seeing how much work there is with regards to marketing strategy and implementation.

You need to know what positions you need to fill on your marketing team before you can hire the right person. 

Some positions might include a content manager, writer, designer, social media manager, and SEO specialist. Content managers are responsible for the quality of the content created by your team. 

Writers create copy for websites, blogs, social media posts, newsletters, and more. Designers create assets like logos and landing pages. 

Social media managers promote brands on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. An SEO Specialist takes care of optimization so that your site performs well in search engines.

Step 1: Define your staffing needs

Prior to starting with the interview process, it helps to have a clear understanding of your organization’s objectives: 

What are your company’s long-term goals?

 What are you aiming for in the next three months? 

Framing the type of possible staff member with these building blocks will help you tailor questions better when hiring new employees who can work best for your company.

 Whether you have an in-house team or work with freelancers, it’s important to formally define your needs so organizations can adequately prepare to be part of your staff. Identify the skill sets you’re looking for and choose the type of staff members you want. 

When you’re hiring, the first step is to map out what you need. You want a mix of people with different skillsets and abilities who complement each other.

Step 2: Review the hiring landscape

A lot of people say that you need to hire a marketing team and not just marketers, but I disagree. 

I think one way you can dive into this is by looking at the hiring landscape and really understanding what roles companies are hiring for. 

A good marketing team has different marketing professionals who make up the core of marketing strategy, like social media managers, content marketers, and SEO specialists. 

Make sure you have a candidate review process in place. Not only will this help to vet the talent coming in, but it also gives you a chance to keep track of how many applicants your recruiting efforts are attracting. 

Who is competing for your prized employees? Companies are fiercely fighting to win the best talent. Chances are, they’ll offer more money and benefits than you can afford.

Step 3: Assess internal resources and capacities to house the content marketing team

If you have the resources to hire an external team, cast a wide net and read as many resumes as possible.

 If you have built-in resources, assess the skill gaps within your organization and determine how those gaps can be filled internally. 

Assess your company’s internal resources and capacities to house the content marketing team.

 For instance, if you have a marketing department, assess how they currently handle content creation and distribution resulting in costs.

When assessing costs, it is important to understand the cost of personnel required for different positions within the organizational structure of the content marketing team. 

It is not possible to build a top-notch content marketing team on the cheap. But if you are willing to invest, then it is entirely possible to find highly skilled individuals who can produce high-quality, consistent content. 

If your internal resources are limited or you cannot afford to hire an individual content creator, here are some advantages of hiring outsourcing firms instead. 

First, it frees up your internal resources for more important tasks. Second, outsourcing offers a breadth of experience that can’t be found in one person.

Step 4: Consider team management structure and brand personality

The most important thing to consider is your team management structure. This is what determines how you plan, assign and delegate tasks. 

You can have a flat structure where everyone does a little bit of everything or a hierarchical structure with managers and teams of employees.

 Either way, the key is to have a set process for how work gets done. The second factor to consider when building your content marketing team is the brand personality.

Your identity should be reflected in all of your communications, including the tone and style of your copywriting. 

Your content marketing team is a big project, so it should be managed in a certain way. Figure out how many people you need and where they’ll fit into your team structure. 

The two most common types of teams are functional and project-based. Functional teams have members who work together on content activities for a set period of time, whereas project-based teams have members who work on a specific task or product that has a life cycle. 

Decide what the personality of your company’s content should be – do you want to be humorous or serious? 

Step 5: Evaluate potential employee’s skills and knowledge

To build a great content marketing team, you need to hire the right candidates. First, you should know what skills and knowledge they’ll need to excel in this role. 

Then, you can evaluate potential employees’ skills and knowledge to see if they’re a good match for the job. 

It’s important to assess the candidate’s ability to carry out tasks assigned to them, as well as their initiative for taking on new responsibilities.

You should also ask the candidate about what they want in a job, how they will keep up with both long-term and short-term assignments, what has brought them to this point in their career, and what they hope to be doing in five years.

 These are all great questions that will help you make your decision on whether or not you should hire the individual. 

Always do your research when hiring someone new to see if they are qualified for the job. 

When talking with potential employees, you should always ask them about their thoughts on your company and their ideas on how to make it better. 

You should also ask about their previous work experience and what skills they can bring to the table.

Step 6: Develop KPIs to measure employee successes

In order to recruit and hire the best people for your content marketing team, you need to have a clear understanding of what your company values, what is expected from those working on the team, and how those things fit into the overall culture. 

It’s important that this first assessment be done before hiring a single person or writing a single word of content.

How to mentor your marketing newbie

If you’re a company owner, this is your chance to take an apprentice under your wing and teach them the ropes. 

You can set up a formal apprenticeship program or simply make time for one-on-one training sessions. 

Mentoring someone will give you an opportunity to groom and practice your leadership skills, and it’s a way to nurture new talent and keep your business fresh and dynamic. 

One of the most important roles in a marketing team is the newbie. They are the ones who can give you an honest opinion on what’s working and what’s not, as well as offer up ideas for what you can do next.

If you’re trying to hire your first marketing intern, here’s what we recommend: Give them a project that challenges them and teaches them how to execute.

 Pair them with an experienced mentor who knows the ropes and will help guide their development. Anyone who is new to content marketing will need mentoring. 

Mentoring creates a sense of accountability and it helps those who are new to the field feel like they’re not alone. 

It also helps them learn the ropes and develop an understanding of what’s expected from them as far as performance, time management, and day-to-day operations.

How to create a compensation plan for your content marketing team

Determine your budget and what you’re willing to spend. If you can’t afford a full-time writer, consider hiring one on a per-project basis.

 Decide the level of writing experience you want. Hire writers with content marketing skills over generalists with journalism degrees. 

The key to creating a compensation plan is to remember that it should be based on the value of the content being produced. 

It’s important for your strategy to have clear goals so you can gauge what content should be produced and which type of team should produce it. 

There are many different ways to structure pay plans to maximize the work your content marketing team does for you. 

You can offer performance-based incentives, lower base salaries with commission structures, or include bonuses for meeting certain goals. 

You can even set up a work from home plan that includes incentives to increase productivity. 

Whatever plan you decide on, remember that your team is made up of individuals with their own needs and expectations. Be sure to take those into account when setting up a plan that will make them feel valued and happy in their work.  

Training and retaining staff

You can hire and build at the same time, but it’s important to think about how you will train your content marketing team. You will need to create a strategy for retaining them as well as training them. 

Offer professional development opportunities, brainstorming sessions, and organizational support so they feel empowered in their job. 

This is a long-term investment, not a quick fix. Investing in your people is worth it because they are the ones who will get you all the results you want for your company.

One of the ways to achieve that is by having set objectives for your team members. They need to know what benchmarks they are aiming at and what success looks like. 

Setting these goals and sharing them with your staff will help them grow and be more committed. 

Managing expectations when hiring for your marketing team

When hiring for your marketing team, it is important to manage expectations. It can be a difficult task to find a good writer for content marketing who also has a strong understanding of the business.

 It will take time and effort to find the perfect person to fit your needs. 

You need to be very specific about the type of content you want them to produce and what your expectations are. If you’re not, this can lead to a lot of issues and disgruntled employees. 

It’s important to find someone who has the right personality for the task at hand, so the best way to do this is by asking a lot of questions during the interview process.

 The reality is that most companies cannot afford to hire someone who can do it all. Make sure you hire for specific skills and experiences, but also keep the larger picture in mind.


This blog post is meant to be informational for those who are starting to build their content marketing team. It covers the different kinds of content marketing roles available and how to do research on freelancers to find the perfect fit.

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