Our writers are writing 2 articles per day. Here’s how you can too speed up your content production

Have you ever spent hours on your laptop trying to produce content for your online business? There are many reasons why it’s hard for you to produce original content that helps your business stand out – your ‘momentum’, the time zone difference, busy schedules, writer’s block, intermittent writing habits, not knowing what to write about. These are all symptoms of a number one problem – lack of planning.

There are several factors that make it difficult to write content quickly. However, it is possible and we’ll show you how in this blog. We want our clients to write more frequent and original articles for their blogs and at a higher quality. 

To accomplish this, we’re demanding our writers produce 2 articles per day. It may not sound like fun to produce twice as much work, but we found 5 different ways you can increase your article counts per day without sacrificing their competitive edge. Read on to discover:

Creating a Content Plan

No one is born with the ability to crank out 2 articles per day, but anyone can learn it. It all comes down to a content plan and a structure in your workday. You can establish a set time when you start writing, a set time when you submit, and the number of times you submit in one day. If you have a small block of 20 minutes here and there, you have ended up writing 14 articles in one week.

An organized plan creates a better chance of completing your goal. Start with at least one content per day, four every week is good too if you have the time to manage it. Once you have it down, try to do two per day or maybe even do three pieces of content per day depending on if you can keep it organized that way.

With a content creation plan, you can promote a healthy writing habit. You’ll have a plan in place that will help you maintain a regular posting schedule. Planning your posts ahead of time will also give you more ideas on topics to write about. If you’re stuck and don’t know what to write about, check out our content strategy services. Additionally, you can check out our post on creating a content strategy for e-commerce brands.

How We Write 2 Articles a Day

Firstly, split the articles into 3 content types: 1 brief and concise article to send to your lower-converting subscribers in lead magnets and email drip campaigns, and 2 in-depth articles to write for your blog or other platforms. Secondly, allocate enough time each day to write new content – aim for at least 4 hours per week.

Writing 2 articles per day sounds like a lot, but when you break them up over the course of a day it becomes manageable. In order to write 2 articles in one day, you should work at 4-hour intervals and make sure to take breaks in between your work sessions. You should also cut your total word count from 500 to 300 words.

I’m going to give you a few pointers on how you can also see your writing efforts through. First, break your writing up into an early-morning and late-night session; we’re designed to be most productive twice a day. Second, use the psychology of luxury: go somewhere cool and enjoy yourself for 20 or 30 minutes, then settle back down and start to tackle your topics. Third, use the first draft as the first draft: no need for editing – take those first words straight from your head and make sure one idea flows perfectly into the other before you hit publish.

  1. Set individual goals for how many articles need to be written per day depending on your skill level. Create a simple checklist with predetermined daily goals that all writers perform throughout the day (optional).
  2. Decide on what type of articles will be written each day/session, whether that be blogs, infographics, or case studies.
  3. Assemble article ideas so they are easily accessible and easy to share across platforms.
  4. Start small – try to write one article per session at first before setting lofty goals!
If you are looking to outsource your content writing for your blog, please check out our content writing services.

Tips for Creating Content Faster

There are a number of different ways you can write faster. For example, you could use a distraction-free writing environment or write without your internet browser being open so that it isn’t tempting to click links to potentially distracting websites.

Find a system that works for you and your style of writing:

  • Use templates – Templates can be great to create consistency across all content you produce. This also allows you to focus more on the content rather than the formatting.
  • Use bullet points if you tend to get distracted easily – If you are the kind of person who struggles to stay on task while writing, it may help to use bullet points or number your sentences instead of writing entire paragraphs.
  • Schedule – Many writers find it easier to stay on task and produce consistent content if they start their writing session by either setting a timer or knowing they must finish in a specified amount of time.
  • Try the Pomodoro technique which breaks your work into 25-minute chunks with a five-minute break in between. By focusing on the task at hand for fixed periods of time, your brain learns to enter a “flow” state which is quite similar to being completely focused.
  • De-clutter – In order to be able to focus on writing, try to eliminate distractions. Clear your desk, turn off your cell phone, and close programs that continually pop up .• Learn to ask for help – Seek out qualified editing services while you write.  The ability to edit your own work is certainly a useful skill, but it doesn’t help if you never get around to writing!
  • Practice – After your write for a time, you instinctively understand the difference between work and play, or between appropriate times for multi-tasking. You essentially “learn” how to focus by focusing. It may feel weird in the beginning, but with practice it becomes natural.
  • Outsource articles – Even after trying all the techniques you can’t produce the content that you’d like, you can try outsourcing content creation. When outsourcing articles, it’s important to choose quality writers who can take care of your project as well as understand what you’re after. You can check out our content writing services if you are looking to outsource content creation.

The Value of Mastering Time Management

Time management is important to the success of any organization. It takes away one of the many worries and helps employees choose what they want to do with their time versus what other people dictate them to do. And like any other part of your life, time management is something that takes practice. Some things to consider are your goal, blocking time for distraction-free work, scheduling your workday, and setting priorities. The more often you’re successful with self-regulation patterns, the easier they will become. 

The key to productivity is time management. It’s essential to be aware of how much time you spend doing which activity and where that time could be better spent. You should also utilize your time as efficiently as possible by working within a strict schedule and prioritizing important tasks first before tackling other less pressing items.

  1. Figure out what time of day you can focus the best and cut back on activities that don’t need to be done outside of these hours.
  2. Divide your time evenly: because we know you can’t write an article in 2 minutes it is important to manage your time by writing as many articles as possible in the timeframe given
  3. Break down those HUGE projects into manageable chunks: instead of sitting there staring at a giant task all day, go ahead and just work on it for 15 minutes because that’s manageable
  4. Set clear goals: never pass your time wondering what your goal was for finishing the work you are doing, write it down
  5. Think of the big picture: don’t worry about the little stuff, if you aren’t sure just leave it be and finish what you can do
  6. Eliminate distractions: kill those pesky fun notification apps and get your work done.

Setting Goals and Getting Results Conclusion: Create a content creation plan and save yourself the headache and hassle.

It only takes a few minutes to sketch out what you want to achieve each day. If you set daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly goals for yourself, you’ll have the satisfaction of completing what you wanted to achieve for today or carrying on with your plans for tomorrow. There you have it – a simple guide to writing two articles per day. 

If you are looking to outsource your content writing for your blog, please check out our content writing servicesWe have more helpful and related content on our blog

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